New Clients

Welcome to Willow Creek Counseling Center, LLC! Our hope is to serve you and/or your family and work towards the best possible outcome.  This page contains important information about our professional counseling services and business policies. If you have any questions, please contact us at 859.554.0740. Before coming to your first appointment, you will also be instructed to fill out our intake forms and policy documents.

Psychotherapy Services:

Psychotherapy varies depending on the therapist, the client and the client’s particular situation and goals. There are many different methods which may be used to deal with a particular situation, goals, and objectives. For the best outcome, each client must choose to invest energy in the process and work actively on relevant topics both during and between sessions. Psychotherapy can have benefits and risks. The risks may include experiencing uncomfortable feelings like sadness, guilt, anger, anxiety or frustration when discussing aspects of life. Psychotherapy has been shown to have benefits that can include better relationships, solutions to specific problems, increased life satisfaction, improved physical health, and significant reductions in feelings of distress. However, there are no guarantees as to what each client will experience.

Types of Therapy Services:

The type of service provided also depends on the therapist, the client and the client’s particular situation and goals. Sessions can occur face to face, in the therapist’s office or through Telemental Health services. This is the use of telecommunications technology to provide behavioral health services. Telemental health uses computer programs, video conferencing, internet programs, teleconferencing and smartphone applications for the remote delivery of mental health services including assessment, diagnosis, system tracking and treatment. Providers follow state and federal laws regarding licensure, confidentiality and interjurisdictional requirements. Additionally, the technology utilized in providing Telemental Health services meets and/or exceeds those outlined by the American Telemedicine Association and other professional associations. If determined necessary, the therapist may perform sessions in the client’s home, at school, or at another remote location agreed upon by both the client and therapist. If additional fees are associated with travel or meeting at a different location, the client will be made aware of this before the session is scheduled.

What to Expect:

The first few sessions will involve an evaluation of your situation including needs, goals, and objectives to work toward. Psychotherapy can involve a significant investment of time, energy, and money. It is important to select a therapist with whom you are comfortable working. If at any time you have questions about therapy, please discuss them as they arise. If you decide to discontinue therapy, we will provide referrals to other therapists or other appropriate resources if requested.


We schedule 50-minute sessions. If you would like longer sessions, the price will be pro-rated according to the length of appointment that is agreed upon. If you arrive late for an appointment, the remaining time of the scheduled session is available to you if you have called to state you will be late. If you have not called, we may not be available after 15 minutes from the scheduled start time. At times, it may be appropriate to meet more or less than once per week if that is consistent with the agreed upon treatment plan. If you need to cancel a scheduled therapy session, you must do so at least 24-hours in advance. If you do not cancel a scheduled appointment with at least 24-hours notice, or if you fail to attend a scheduled session, you agree to pay the full fee for that session, unless it is agreed upon that the absence was due to uncontrollable circumstances.

Professional Fees:

Fees are listed on the Counseling Fees document. In addition to regular sessions, it is policy to charge the therapy rate on a pro-rated basis for other professional services required. Other services include report writing, telephone conversations lasting longer than 15 minutes, attendance at meetings or consultations with other professionals which have been authorized, preparation of records or treatment summaries, and time spent performing any other professional service.

Unless it is evident to be in the best interest of the client, therapists associated with The Willow Creek Counseling Center, LLC will decline if asked to participate in any legal or court hearings. If it becomes necessary to participate, the rate for preparation and participation in a court hearing or other legal proceeding will be $350 per hour. You will also be charged this rate for travel time, waiting time and agree to pay any additional necessary fees (for example, parking fees). Prepayment of expected fees will be required one week (7 days) in advance of legal proceedings. You understand you will be billed for any remaining amount. If at the conclusion of legal proceedings there is a surplus in the account, the client will receive a refund within 10 business days.

Billing and Payments:

You will be expected to pay the full agreed upon fee at the time of each session unless other arrangements have been made. Payments may be made by check, cash, or credit card. Payment schedules for other professional services will be agreed upon when/if they are requested. If a payment by check does not clear due to insufficient funds or any other reason, you will be expected to reimburse Willow Creek Counseling Center, LLC in full for any related bank fees.

Insurance Billing:

Your authorization directs payment of medical benefits for services billed to my health care provider. We will bill your insurance company directly for those who qualify. You must verify your insurance benefits with your insurance carrier prior to service as you are liable for any charges they do not cover due to lack of benefit or specific denial made by them. Please remember that insurance billing is a courtesy and done with every possible effort to save you in fees, please notify us immediately if your information changes. If our therapists are considered out of network with your insurance provider or plan, you may use your FSA or HSA to cover services. Please check your coverage carefully as deductibles and copayments often apply. If you choose to not bill insurance and pay out of pocket for your sessions, we operate on a sliding scale based on income. We will need you to provide the most recent tax return to determine where you fall on the scale.

Contacting Your Counselor:

We do have a front office manager, however she is not able to answer calls at all hours. Also, because we do not take calls during sessions, we may not be immediately available by telephone. A confidential voicemail may be left at 859-554-0740. Every effort will be made to return calls within 24 hours, more promptly if possible. If you are in an emergency situation we recommend you call your local emergency services at 911, or go to the nearest hospital emergency room, telling them of your emergency. You understand that you are NOT to wait for someone from our office to return your call in an emergency situation.