It’s in your DNA

Get to know you,

We all go through life having that “imposter syndrome” as the world puts it. We often have these questions. “God, you really want me to do this?” “Who am I to say these things to people?” Who am I to face this giant?” While these are all great questions to ask. When we stop overcomplicating things, the answers are right in front of us.

The answer is simply You are YOU (insert your name to make it more personable). There’s only ONE you. You cannot be duplicated, or replaced. You are uniquely, fearfully made for this purpose! (whatever it is God is calling you to) Psalm 139:14 KJV “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Fearfully when translated from the Hebrew means with great reverence, heart-felt interest, and with respect. Wonderfully when translated from the Hebrew means unique and set apart. So, you see that alone should create a sense of peace within. God created us; therefore, He is the only one who can help us understand our true identity.

God is not going to call you to do something He did not already equip you for. When we face challenges rather than playing small and feeling unequipped to handle them. We should look to God our creator to help us with them. The questions should be “God, how do you want me to handle this?” God, how do you want me to say the things I need to say in this moment?” The imposter syndrome comes when we try to become something God did not create us to be. The battle is within and we’re not strong enough to fight against our true identity, which is our identity in Christ.

That is why it’s so important to have a relationship with God. The one who created us. He’s the only one who can tell you the exact characteristics He placed in you. The Exact dosage of what you will need for THIS purpose. The purpose which we were created for. Your DNA cannot be duplicated, which means you cannot be duplicated. You are uniquely made. Even a set of twins have their own unique DNA. Think about that.

When we stop listening to what the world thinks we should be and start listening to God our creator life becomes so much better/easier. It’s a breeze to walk in our actual DNA. Or as the world puts it, to walk in your true authentic self. Not the DNA we think we should’ve been created with.

Living within our DNA is an easy yet complicated thing to do. Especially when we’ve been living outside of it. Here’s some thought provoking questions to ask yourself. Who do I serve? Do I serve self, People, or God? When you find out the answer to this question you can start the process of uncovering your true DNA/self. Finding a great therapist and or life coach to help with this question is a great start! Sometimes we’re not able to do the work alone. Therapy and Jesus truly works!

Get to know God so He can show you YOU!

By Renia Mabson CSLC.